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No nonsense transcription

APT is the market leader in high-security transcriptions due to its exacting work ethic, unrivalled capacity and reliability. This work ethic has seen us maintain and grow transcription at scale with some of NSW most exacting legal and medical organisations including ICAC, NSW Health, Services Australia and ASIC.

We can deliver high-quality transcripts of almost any audio or video format.

We have spent over 20 years perfecting the art of high-quality transcription in a true team environment with our experienced on-site team. 

This means team members can lean on each other and confer on difficult transcripts pooling resources and experience to ensure the highest accuracy whilst maintaining a level of security and confidentiality simply not possible when using only home based or outsourced transcription services.

Why APT Transcriptions?

All high security transcriptions completed on our approved premises.
Rigorous training, extensive security checks and exceptional staff retention give us the most skilled and experienced transcribers in the country.

We can accommodate a range of timeframes depending on client needs. Always delivered on time.


We stand by our product and our word. When it matters most, we always deliver. If you have audio - we can transcribe it.

Our Clients

Our exacting standards and reliability have ensured long relationships with leading organisations including:

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We will also send you instructions on how to securely deliver audio based on your required security level.

In many cases we will get source audio directly from the court or tribunal.


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 3  We securely deliver your transcript via email or FTP.